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8 ways to de-stress your weekends!

I will not even pretend that stress is far away from me and I am zen all the time. No. But I do work on myself. I try to know my emotions and my reaction during certain situations. I observe and try to change things which I do not accept and I don’t like. I am not able to control life 100%. But I am able to control my reactions to what life brings me. I also try to help myself if high doze of stress and complete tiredness comes. Of course, the ideal situation is when stress is not able to influence the way we feel. Usually it’s opposite. After a week full of work, duties, meetings, being in different social roles, during weekend as well we usually press ourselves with even more things to do. How do I know? Because I also do it. Fortunately I am able to recognize when I go too far and stop for a moment. I try to develop certain habits helping me to distress and regenerate. And weekend is  a perfect time to do it. Of course is not always possible to spend all weekend relaxing, doing nothing and be zen. But from my own experience I know, even a few little habits can change a lot. You can try things which I described below or think and develop your own way.

  • Eat long, lazy breakfast

If whole week you are busy, out of time and running quickly to work, dedicate weekend’s morning to lazy, nutritious and delicious breakfast. Eat with your loved ones, speak to them. Read your favorite newspaper or magazine. Speak to your kids. Spend quality time filled with amazing food. Enjoy great tea or aromatic coffee. Press the juice. Make a smoothie or bake your own bread.  Mornings are amazing if spent in such a way. You will find some inspirations and  recipes here and here and here.

  • Move yourself

If during the week you give up physical activity, really the weekend is a final call. Sport is your health and everybody knows it. Yet I still know so many people who completely give up moving up. So, I will always keep writing about it. Choose something what you will love: walk, bike, dance, pilates, yoga, zumba, gym. The choice is rich. Just start!

  • Welcome the day with sun salutation

Of course. In such a post, i can’t forget about yoga. This sequence is perfect to welcome the day with gratitude. Being grateful can influence the way you feel, even your health. Sun salutation in yoga is a prefect way to wake up your body, stretch and start the day with good energy.  Yoga can help your body and mind in many ways. Just try it!

sun-salutationSource of the photo: Sivananda Yoga

  • Find time to be closer to the nature

I live in big city. I spend lots of time in office, on the front of computer, far from nature. So, whenever I can I try to connect to the nature. Sometimes, after work  I just go out on earlier metro station, just to walk through the park. I run also in the park. If only possible I go to forest. Trees have enormous amount of good energy. In Japan they treat depression with forest bathing. It helps to distress and relax. Try it. Find the forest near you and go for a walk. Hug a tree.

  • Find time for people

If you are out of time during the week, during the weekend, find time for people. For a quality time with people.For family, friends, loved ones. For those who take you higher. With whom you exchange good energy and experiences. Sometimes we forget that connection with people have extremely positive power. The feeling of being loved (in all ways, love from partner, family, friends, kids) is very important and influence our happiness. I live far away from my family in Poland, and I can not go that often to see them. But  in my daily life I have people who are important to me and we support each other.

  • Make yourself a home SPA

Of course an ideal situation is to spend whole weekend in a professional SPA with massage and treatments. Well, it’s not always possible. But your home SPA can also be extremely relaxing. Sanum per aquam, healthy through water. You don’t need much to make some rituals at home. Candles, dry brush massage for the body, salt and some natural oil for the bath and laying down in the bath tube for some time. After massaging the body with natural oils: coconut, almond or avocado. If you make it with self love, attention, without being in a hurry, such one hour can wash out whole stress of the passing week. Check more evening rituals for you home SPA.

  • Organize your surrounding

Nothing is worst for the good, clear energy than a mess in your apartment.  Too many disorganized things in place where you want to  relax, can destroy any perfect moment. Minimalism in life has sense. Here  I talk about minimalism in your apartment, but actually it is a whole philosophy, a way of living and thinking. If you like to relax in your living room, you will find your peace easier, if you will arrange your surrounding. Clean all the documents, papers, unnecessary stuff. Think what you like: maybe candles, flowers, colors which makes you happy. Organize your space in such a way, so you feel after all the duties are finished, that you want to spend time there. So you will feel like relax, indulge in your favorite tea, read your book or magazines, or simply spend time with your loved ones.  It is worth to have at least little space in your apartment/house which will feel like your little relaxation area. It does not have to be something big.  Sometimes fresh flowers and naturally scented candle its enough to please your eyes, mind and soul.

  • Feed your soul

Believing you are part of something bigger, can bring a sense into your life and influence the level of your happiness. I will not write about religion here, as this is something private and intimate. But faith or gratitude and moreover love for life and people, can be expressed in so many different ways, and will definitely feed your soul. You can take care of your inner self, choosing the way which suits you. Some people will pray. Other will dedicate their time in volunteering, as they find helping others very fulfilling. You can meditate. I really love mindfulness meditation. It teach how to be here and now. Yoga can also give a lot to your soul. Despite taking care of your body, it is also a positive balm for your mind and soul. It teach how to focus, how to listen to yourself and your body. Yoga will calm your mind and will make you want to be better person every day. There are so many ways to feed your soul. You just have to find your favorite one. Helping others and focusing on inner development can definitely influence the way you feel. Weekend is a perfect time to stop for a while, sooth your mind and think about something deeper, than shopping, work or duties.

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