About Me

Welcome to my Wellbelicious space!

I am happy we are meeting here.  I hope you will find here lots of inspirations to start to practice yoga and return to healthy, delicious and balanced living! This online space is the result of my biggest passion: balanced, holistic and wellness life filled with yoga.

My name is Marta. I am a certified yoga teacher and wellness coach. “Wellbelicious” is not only a name of this space, but also my own philosophy behind it: “Wellbeing” + “Delicious”. It is a way of life, which I use every day, and to which I aspire. This is a space I use to share my yoga and wellness passions. I am sharing here with you part of myself, my inner and outer journey to healthy life, in harmony with myself, with fulfillment and in search of balance and life satisfaction.

I am Polish. But I have been living and working in multicultural environments, in different countries. After 8 years of international career in the area of European Affairs & communication in Brussels and Luxembourg, I decided to pursue my dreams and fully dedicate my time to biggest passions: raising holistic wellness awareness through yoga and wellness coaching.

I found my path and life mission in teaching yoga, helping people as a wellness coach to connect to themselves and choosing balanced lifestyle. I hold over 800 h of yoga training certificates, including yoga therapy as well as wellness coaching diploma. I spent in total 4 months in India dedicated  to gaining knowledge of yoga. I am teaching hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, restorative, yoga nidra meditation and yoga therapy tailored to individual needs. With wellness coaching I guide people towards lifestyle change, into more holistic, balanced life, using coaching tools combined with yoga,meditation and breathing,as well as through body awareness.

My wellness journey

My wellness story has been over 10 years of transformation journey. I grow into wellness and yoga, but like everything in life, the biggest lessons are coming through difficult and challenging experiences. I have been always living a healthy lifestyle on physical level.  Eating healthy, dancing, being active, doing sport. But 10 years ago I lost my mum to cancer, after 8 years of her fight with this sickness. That was the bottom line moment, when I discovered what does it mean to function on holistic way. The long term sickness as well as the death of my mum, caused the depression in me.  So all my healthy habits, eating healthy and doing sports, did not preserved myself from luck of energy, being chronically ill and all type of suffering, the depression may cause. That was the moment I realized how much our physical health is influenced by the state in which our mind and soul is at the moment. Although my battle with depression was long, it has opened me for the  wellness transformation and self development journey, which I continue until now. To help myself with coming back to balanced life, I have started practicing yoga and meditation (7 years ago) and started to search for a holistic healing through psychological therapy, alternative medicine like acupuncture and other methods of healing.  When yoga and holistic wellness started to be so naturally present in my life, I started to share it with my friends, family and  later on with my readers on the blog.  When I felt that  I have so much to share with others from my own transformation and this wellness journey, I started to educate myself to become a yoga teacher and wellness coach in order to inspire others to go towards balanced life, where holistic approach (mind-body-soul) is a key.



Experiences that I got in life taught me that there is no healthy body without a healthy mind and positive thinking. There is no healthy spirit, without a healthy body. Therefore, you will find here everything what is helping me to achieve balance in life and tools I use in my work: yoga, wellness coaching, self development tools, mindfulness, meditation and natural approach to the body, which includes healthy and delicious food. I would like to bring you inspiring people and interesting places as well as talk about wellness, eco & conscious travels. I hope that this space will inspire you to be healthy and balanced in every aspect! Because it’s a beautiful thing, and today I invite you to wellbelicious journey!

p.s after 8 years of a career, working for the European Affairs in Brussels and Luxembourg, I decided to pursue my dreams. After becoming a yoga teacher and wellness coach, I left for a yoga journey around the world. I have started the the journey with studying more yoga in India in October 2017 ( with certification in yoga therapy)  and I followed with teaching in amazing places: yoga studio in Granada , in Nicaragua, teaching in breathtaking open air, jungle yoga shala in Costa Rica, teaching on the rice fields in Laos, in yoga retreat center in Siem Reap, in Cambodia, in Philippines and closing the circle of world travel with more yoga studying in India.