About Me

Welcome to my Blog!

I am happy we are meeting here.  I hope you will find here lots of inspirations for a healthy, delicious and balanced living! This blog is a result of my biggest passion: healthy lifestyle.

The name of the blog is a mix of two words and my own philosophy behind it: “Wellbeing” + “Delicious” = “Wellbelicious“. It is a way of life, which I use every day, and to which I aspire. I decided to write about it and share with you part of myself, my inner and outer journey to healthy life, in harmony with myself, active lifestyle, with fulfilment and in search of balance and life satisfaction. This trip will be accompanied by a large number of recipes for delicious and healthy “fit” dishes, smooth cocktails, breakfast and snacks. You will find it here.

Healthy eating, cooking and creating are my passions. I am positively addicted to the freshly squeezed juices and green smoothies. I drink them for many years. Morning and breakfast is my favourite time of day. I believe in balance in every aspect of life, so I also search for it in nutrition.  I do not follow one, restricted way of eating, as the food should bring you joy, not stress. It also shouldn’t control your life. Balanced, healthy approach in nutrition is my goal. I follow the “whole food” philosophy: I choose food that hasn’t been processed or refined (e.g. white sugar, white flour, refined oils, half products, etc.) or as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. I am not “full time” vegetarian nor vegan, but most of my recipes are plant based, full of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, herbs, and healthy fats. I listen to my body and try to react to its needs. BALANCE is a key word for me. I want to be an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and show you that it is always our own choice. Healthy cooking can be very joyful, easy and totally delicious! I hope you make the right choice today – and I will gladly help you with that!



Experiences that I got in life taught me that there is no healthy body without a healthy mind and positive thinking. There is no healthy spirit, without a healthy body. Therefore, in addition to healthy, balanced nutrition, you will find here other things I am dedicated to, which are helping me to seek the mind balance: yoga, self-development, coaching, mindfulness and natural approach to the body. I would like to bring you inspiring people and interesting places as well as talk about my travels. I hope that this site will inspire you to be healthy and balanced in every aspect! Because it’s a beautiful thing, and today I invite you to wellbelicious journey!

My name is Marta, I’m 34 years old. I am from Poland. So far, I lived and worked in Finland, Luxembourg, and now in Brussels. I studied journalism and Latin-American studies. Currently I am working for the European Commission. I love to travel as often as possible, and my list of places to visit is very long. I love to explore the world, people, and other cultures. My beloved country is Brazil. I see life as a journey with endless experiences and lessons, so I’m learning every day. What else do I love? Summer vibes at the beach: salty sea, salty skin, salty hair, sun, stand up paddle; dancing, my family and friends, fashion, spotting beauty around me, laughter and joy. I just love life!