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Add an “Y” to your Milk! Home made coconut mylk!

Some of you may ask why I wrote mylk, not milk? Lately the world MYLK (an old spelling of milk), is used for a non-dairy milk, so any plant or nut based milk. I do not drink or use fresh milk (though I use sometimes the Greek yogurt for cooking). You can mylk any type of nuts, as well as dry desiccated or shredded coconut. I try to avoid processed food, as this is working for my body very well. If only possible, I replace ready products with the one I can make at home. And coconut mylk is one of them. The products you find in stores can have many hidden additives, sugar or stabilizers. Of course, there are days I am so busy, running out of time and I would also buy it. I try not to stress too much or not to put too much pressure on myself, as on a daily level I make healthy choices as much as possible, replacing processed food with the one made at home. So no guilt in it. But If I buy mylk in the store, I always read labels and choose the most natural one. But as nowadays, you can really easily make your own mylk at home, I invite you to try the coconut one.

You will need:

  • 200-250 grams of dry shredded coconut
  • 5 glasses of mineral/filtered or previously boiled water (but use it when it is warm, not boiling).
  1. Mix the dry coconut with the water and leave it over the night. I think the taste is more intensive after soaking it for a few hours. It will also help to blend into a creamy mylk. But you can always skip this part and go directly into step two.If you will keep it over the night, warm it up (don’t boil it).
  2. Add the ingredients into the high speed blender. From my experience I blend it at least 2 minutes. Sometimes more, until creamy.



Pour your mixture into a glass bottle over a fine mesh sieve. If you will use your mylk only with smoothies, then maybe you wish to skip straining and use the mylk with blended, shredded coconut. But if you will use it with your coffee or green tea latte, than strain it. It taste well just plain. But you can add also pinch of salt and something to sweeten: honey or stevia for example. The taste will become more reach. Keep in the fridge for 2-3 days. Shake before use , as water and coconut pulp will separate. Enjoy this coconut bliss!

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