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Chia pudding with strawberry mousse

Summer in Brussels, next days over 30 degrees. Yuhhuuu!! And if you are looking for inspiration for light, delicious and summery breakfast, snack or dessert- chia pudding with strawberry mousse is the one!!!It can serve for whatever purpose you want. I like to snack healthy. So of course if I crave for something sweet, delicious, i would rather go for such a strawberry coconut bliss, than buying ready sweets! I simply topped  the  overnight chia pudding (for which I posted full recipe here  and prepared with home made coconut mylk) with a strawberry mousse. As fancy as it sound, I just blended strawberries and that’s it! It is simple, delicious and perfect for summer! The strawberry mousse will please your eyes! This colour!!!!!

For 2 serves you will need:

  • 5 tablespoons of chia seeds (try if you like your pudding thicker or more liquid. You can always adjust the amount of chia you use. Experiment according to your own preferences).
  • 1 cup/glass of home made coconut mylk ( Check it here)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (if you like it sweeter, add additional teaspoon)
  • cup of strawberries

Soak the chia seeds in coconut mylk. Mix few times. Basically after already 30 minutes, you can have a very basic pudding. But it is true that if you will leave it overnight in the fridge, it will become a really smooth, delicate pudding, as the seeds will completely jelly, creating simply addictive pudding. If you will leave the pudding overnight, blend the strawberries just before serving and add it on the top. Enjoy!

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