Coconut Green tea latte! Healthy doze of energy!

Cheating is bad. But not if sometimes you want to cheat on your coffee. I give you a good option: a healthy one (not that I have opinion that coffee is unhealthy), a tasty one, and this pistachio/mint colour. Meet a green tea latte! I love coffee and I’m not going to resign from it.But of course I try to limit it to certain amount. As an exchange I love to prepare this delicious green tea latte.
There are so many different types on the market, that actually I would need to  learn about it the same way we do with wine. There are two powdered green tea which I tried, Matcha and Sencha. Although both are the same variety of leaves “Camellia Sinensis” both have diverse nutrition coming from different growing environment: Sencha growing in full sun, Matcha growing in shade. Matcha is considered as a luxury drink, with its best quality,and can be very expensive. It is used for preparing a ritual green tea. Powdered Sencha which I use, is good for a daily use, accessible and full of benefits, which in general a green tea can offer. You can also use it for cooking, preparing home made green tea ice creams, cakes, etc.
What is good about powdered green tea, it allows you to drink whole tea leaves with its all benefits. I listed below for you a few positive aspects of drinking any type of green tea.


Green tea benefits

  • It contain bioactive compounds. Lots of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which are powerful antioxidants (antioxidants reduce number of free radicals responsible for cell damage and aging in general)
  • Green tea increase fat burning by boosting the metabolism. It lower the risk of becoming obese
  • Powerful antioxidants found in green tea may lower your risk of cancer,
  • Antioxidants improves immunology system, prevents from an early aging
  • Tooth decay- catechins in tea destroy viruses and bacteria that cause throat infections and dental caries

Those are just a few to point out. Of course you should remember about caffeine in green tea — so if you are sensitive to caffeine you should watch the amount you drink.

Where to buy?

The powdered green tea Sencha I buy in Asians shops. But you can find it in tea shops or on internet without any problems.

How to prepare a green tea latte?

I use one spoon of powdered Sencha (I follow the instruction on the box), mix it with hot or warm, but not boiling water (around 70C).  I use half glass of water and then second half of home made coconut milk, for which the recipe is here.

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