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Detox Part 1: Four myths about cleansing your body!

This post is a starting point for my spring detox series (I am preparing for you second part as well). My purpose, for “detox”, as on a daily life I am eating very healthy and I do pay attention to nutrition, is not only “cleaning the body”. I want to experiment with eliminating certain products for a while, like gluten and see how I will feel. Another purpose is to rebuild the strength and well functioning of the gut. I will eat naturally fermented food as well as supplement my body with positive bacteria. I think on a daily level I support my body strongly enough with what I eat, how I live, with exercise, positive thoughts, yoga and meditation. The way I do it, i will describe in second post (second part of this series). Today I wanted to present a few common myths about detox and body cleansing with strong dieting and fasting.


Most popular myths about detox

  • You don’t need to prepare for fasting

Not true! Even if you plan short, one  or two days of fasting, you need to prepare. If on a daily level you eat quite heavy, with lots of fat, sweets, flour, you should not go on sudden fasting, as you can make more burden to yourself. There is also a different between light detox with certain food elimination and complete fasting based on liquids. I believe if you want to make longer fasting with liquids is always better to make it with support of a doctor or naturopath. They have knowledge of the body and will support you with the process. If you want to make few days of semi fasting based on vegetables and fruits, prepare yourself:

-few days in advance stop eating meat, fright products, diary, sweets,white flour, exchange cereals for those without gluten like millet, buckwheat, quiona

-add more vegetables, fruits and freshly prepared juices

-resign from coffee, alcohol, soda, strong black tea, and drink lots of water with lemon, herbal tea like cistus, nettle tea, camomile, green tea.

After such preparation, you can add few days of fasting based on vegetables and fruits.

  • Detox once a year keep the doctor away

Not true! It only can be true, if you have chosen certain lifestyle for good. Don’t expect that few days of detox will cover 12 months of bad habits. It will cover, but just your guilt.

  • Strong fasting based on liquids is the only way to detoxify your body

Not true! Longer  fasting on liquids should be with doctor support and preparation. There are many examples when fasting just on liquids make lots of good, and is supportive to fight chronic diseases. But  our body is prepared (read below more details) to clean the toxins out: skin, kidneys, liver, etc. You can support it with healthy lifestyle, sport, yoga, enough sleep, stress management and positive approach.  Two or three times  a year you can add to it few days of detox based just on fruits and veggies.

  • Fasting is the best way to loose weight

Not true! Obviously if you suddenly cut drastically calories to your body, you will definitely loose few kilos and very fast. But if it is your way, without changing certain habits in your lifestyle, as fast as you lost them,you will gain the same, or even more. The key to good and positive weight  management is choosing the one lifestyle you will follow all the time! With no guiltiness and joy towards natural and healthy food!


What detox is and isn’t?

I  want to make a visible statement, that you would rather make more good to yourself by eliminating “bad” and body destructive fast food, than believing that drinking just water with lemon and using all type of supporting products (so widely advertised as detoxifying), will make you healthy and glow. Moreover believing that two weeks detox will repair  11,5 months of bad habits, unhealthy food, lots of alcohol, it’s a another, big lie. You should always, always make a priority for certain lifestyle. If you want to go deeper into it, read why I don’t believe in diets and counting calories.

What is important to understand, our body is build with its own “cleaning system” and  has it’s own powerful methods of detoxification. Without you wanting or not, it activates its own “tools” without you making strong and exhausting diets . The tools are to name it: your liver and your kidneys.

The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and performs multiple critical functions to keep the body pure of toxins and harmful substances. It is such an important organ, that one way or another it support almost every other organ in our body. Liver prevents pathogens to get into your blood and processes toxins for safe removal out of the body. The kidneys acts as precise filters and sends everything what we don’t need including toxins out of the body via urine.

So if you eat foods that support your liver and kidneys, avoid all the artificial sodas, lots of sugar, white flour, too much alcohol, etc. you support your body with getting the toxins out. With healthy lifestyle you support kidneys and liver doing the job. Even more if you are careful with chemical products you use at home.

It is very good to support your system with “detox” by giving it break from certain food, I also do it. But cleansing mainly feel beneficial because of what we eliminate. You will not support your body much in detox,just by drinking lots of herbal tea which is supposed to “move” your digestive system. The main reason why the body will detoxify better is actually eliminating processed food and  fats, fructose syrup, sweets, alcohol,soda, meat from mass production and food full of chemicals. By doing it, you take out all the burden it does to liver and kidneys and you allow liver and kidneys to do their duties, as they don’t have to deal with extra toxins.

That’s why while on detox, and on elimination of all those product, you will start to feel better. Definitely not due to any tea or just water. But buy the fact that you give a chance to your natural cleaning system to do the job properly.

Detox should not work as cover of your guiltiness for all year of unhealthy lifestyle. It is much more healthy to make a mind shift, change the lifestyle for good and time to time make some days of detox.

In the second part, i will describe you in details how I implement my detox, with eliminating process as well with rebuilding the active and healthy functioning of gut.

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