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Home SPA : dry brushing

If you love spa, massages and beauty or relaxation routines with strong health effects, you probably saw that any SPA would have a dry brushing sessions on their menu. But dry brushing is something what you can do at home. Moreover ,the effects are visible when you do it regularly. The list of benefits is long. From important health effects like detoxification, stimulating your Lymphatic System (very important !!!), increased circulation, through improving the skin condition, visible glow skin, reducing the cellulite, up to relaxation and stress relief. I am doing it regularly, few minutes daily, and YES I do confirm the greatness it brings!

Health and beauty effects:

  • Stimulates the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body. In short: one of the role of lymph system, among many important ones, is to transport the waste from our internal system into the bloodstream, so in the end it can be removed from the body. Things which we do naturally like breathing , our blood circulation, or daily exercising- it all assist lymph in its ability in drain waste. And this is where you can stimulate the network of nerves just under the skin layer with dry brushing and in return increase the blood circulation.
  • Helps to remove toxins. Metabolic waste if not properly removed from the body change into toxins- dry brushing by increasing the blood circulation helps in draining the toxins from the body
  • Help to fight cellulite- again by improving the blood circulation and speeding up metabolism it helps to brake down the fatty deposits and toxins into the bloodstream and drain the waste from the body. As an effect you will see decrease of cellulite
  • Remove dead layers of the skin, exfoliates and enable any natural substances used after, to be better absorbed
  • Improve skin texture and muscle tones
  • Strengthen the immune system

Already after some days you will see how much good effects it can bring and how well it increase the circulation . I love this vigorous effect. Its like a shot of vitamin cocktail for skin and lymphatic system. Fresh blood bringing nutrients and taking the waste. As an effect- healthy, glowing, radiating skin.

There is one more effect which is much more important to me. It’s this feeling of taking care of my body and doing something good in helping it to function properly and healthy. It is going much beyond than just beauty effect. It is a sign of self-respect, self love and actual gratefulness for life . We have one body which is accompanying us in the life journey. This approach is helping me  to follow  healthy routines without excuses.

Few tips

Choosing the brush
The first thing you should do is to search for a good quality, natural brush, made out of wood and not synthetic bristles. Ask in the healthy food stores or whole food markets. You can easily buy it on internet. The previous one I had was made out of sisal. This time I use one from the body shop . It is also visible on my photo.  Next time I will try some other. This one is strong enough,so you need to adjust the brushing.


The best time for dry brushing routine is morning, before showering. It gives this invigorating effect. But of course you can do it also any other time of the day. Always shower after to clean the death cells and any impurities.

How often?
From few times a week (3-4 times) up to daily routine. If you feel your skin is too sensitive, than do it few times a week for about 5 min. I try to do it every day  but some weeks it end up a few times a week. Sometimes I would have breaks and always would comeback quickly to this routine as I see the effects. It takes me around 5 min the whole body in total. Experiment by yourself and see what best for you and your skin. I started brushing around 4 years ago and try to keep it as part of other daily routines (morning oil pulling, water with lemon, mindfull meditation- I will write about all of it). The brush travels with me ;)

You should always brush towards the heart because lymph flows naturally in this direction. Start with the ankles (brush up several times but not up and down, only up). After you finish legs, brush the stomach, arms, shoulder and back. This photo is an example. Excuse my horrible drawing, but I just wanted to show you the directions. And I made effort to draw it :)
You should see skin becoming a little pink, that’s the effect of circulation increasing. Don’t brush to hard, in order not to harm the skin. It should not hurt but be rather a pleasant feeling, so pay attention how strong you brush. After some time , you will find your own way. After massage and shower I use natural oils, which absorbs excellently after dry brushing. In next posts I will write about oils I am using as exchange to the chemical body balms.


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