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Home Spa: evening, relaxing rituals

I love to be active, to learn, to meet people, to discover. This weekend has been very active. Nice time with people I like, celebrating birthday of a friend. For two days I had amazing but very intensive yoga workshop. I still feel the magic of this time, the positive energy from the studio and from the teacher. You will read about this experience in the next days. Weekend passed extremely fast, with high doze of intensity. What’s important for me, is to always seek for the balance.After intensive time, I try to dedicate one evening into a quiet and relaxing moments. Time to put the thoughts together, switching off, in order to be able to switch on again with double power.

“The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention” (Anthony J.D’Angelo)

Home Spa. Green Clay mask with rose water and carrott oil.

Everybody has the way to relax and disconnect. Not always we have the opportunity to go for relaxing massage or SPA day. But with the little effort, we can create the home SPA rituals at home. This are my few favourites for an evening relaxation with beauty routines. Try few of them and I promise, you will feel the difference:

  • I start with relaxing music. I like to play Night Lounge instrumental sets. But play whatever make you happy.
  • I make a body dry massage. I wrote separate post about it.
  • After the shower (necessary after the dry brushing), I prepare relaxing bath with Sea Salt. I put some candles on the bathtub, I add a few drops of essential oils. My favourite for the evening are Lavender, Orange, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Citron Grass,Eucalyptus. Use whatever make you happy. What is beautiful about essential oils- they open up your senses. The natural aromas, so far from artificial fragrances are a pure pleasure for our senses.
  • Relaxed by the warmth, salt water and stimulated by the dry brush, the skin will be happy to absorb any natural  substances. I gave up all the chemical body balms, in favour for natural cosmetics and oils. I buy less, but with concious. My favourite for the evening is either grape seed oil mixed with essential oil (for example lavender) or coconut oil. I massage it into my skin. Believe me, even if you think is to “oily”- your skin will drink it.
  • I make myself the face mask. Sometimes I use the ready, natural masks. I also make them myself. Like today: green clay (bought as a powder) mixed with rose water and a bit of  carrot oil.
  • I put a natural serum.
  • I prepare one of the herbal teas: Lemon balm tea (melissa officinalis), cistus tea, fresh mint, camomile. Always with honey. DSC08489
  • I make my gratefulness session: I write down things I’m grateful for. From food, learning new things, up to health and gratefulness to be alive. Find your things. Few minutes for this, and you will see that it puts everything what is happening into positive perspective.
  • I make my mindfulness meditation session (this deserve extra post, so I will share my experience with you). You can check the website of one of the mindfulness specialist Dr Jon Kabat Zinn, his book introduced me to mindfulness. I try to practice it for 15-30 min.
  • Time for reading, writing things down, putting my thoughts together.
  • Candles, candles, candles. As simple as it may sound, there is nothing more relaxing for our senses than evening with natural candles light.
  • I add one drop of lavender essential oil into my wrists. It’s good to repeat your own ritual like that every evening before going to sleep. You will always give a message to your brain, that this is the moment you slow down and you are prepared for sleeping. It takes some time to create such habit for the brain, but believe me our brains are clever :)

I know it is not always easy to find full evening for yourself.  But try at least time to time. The reward, your relaxed state of mind and body, will pay it back.

I’m relaxed and ready to sleep. I hope you find it useful. Have a Wellbelicious night!

Home Spa. Candles and Cistus tea with dry yasmin flowers



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