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Lunch box inspiration! Colourful, healthy set

Yet another set under the lunch box inspiration. If you are visiting the blog, you know already I am a big fan of home made food and lunch boxes which I prepare to take with me for work.

I already wrote a post, where you can read about my “launch-ing” habits, as well as few useful tips on how to eat healthier at work and make it easier for you. You can read it here.  If you search for more inspirations, here you will find more inspirations on what to take with you.

I am the type of a hungry person- I mean, my clock is set to eat every 3 hours. This is the habit I developed over the years. Basically I need to pack food to work. Otherwise I will be always hungry. I am not able to go and eat huge portion over lunch and feel heavy- it would make me sleep. And also it is not the best solution for your digestive system. Instead, I would go for second breakfast, reasonable lunch and a snack in the afternoon. As very often I go to yoga directly after office, I just need the source of energy.

What is the set for today?

Second breakfast: pineapple green bliss- recipe here


The sweet potatoes-tomatoes soup- recipe here

Roasted aubergine, pepper & tomatoes bread spread+ full grain bread- recipe here

Afternoon snacks:

Strawberries+ few dates for an afternoon snack (I packed also avocado, which did not appear on the photo). Although it is not yet the highest season for  strawberries, I couldn’t resist and bought one box. Belgium, where I live, has its own strawberries production, and they are slowly starting to appear on the veggies & fruits market.

For the whole day: Water with mint and lime juice (if I don’t take the water with me I forget to drink. I try to add fresh mint, lemon or some slices of fruits, like oranges, just to give it a natural flavour)






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