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Lunch boxes-few useful tips

What are your habits for lunch at work? Most of the time I bring home made food with me.Time to time I am going for lunch meetings outside the office or meeting friends for lunch, if the times allow. I do not have many choices around my office as we are based a bit outside of the city centre. To avoid eating sandwiches and in the office canteen, I prepare my own food. In that way I am sure, that I have something fresh and cooked from healthy ingredients. Most of us are spending long ours in the office. It is not enough to sustain our body with just a breakfast and late evening dinner. I know people who are skipping lunch, and this is not the best idea. Eating snacks from the vending machine neither. I am used to 5 smaller meals during the day. I realized, that if I don’t bring healthy snacks as nuts or fruits with me, in the moment when I am hungry, I will grab whatever is available in the office cafeteria. But very often there is nothing nutritious available. To avoid it, I try to be prepared.

On this photo you can see some examples what I bring with me. Of course, every day I change variation. Sometimes I cook soups sometimes proper dish with veggies, fish, etc.

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Today my lunch box included:

  • cream soup from green veggies: broccoli, courgette, green pepper, onion, potato, coriander- all cooked with the veggie bullion, which I also prepare in bigger quantity and than I use for soups
  • nuts, sunflower seeds and goji berries
  • pieces of melon
  • freshly pressed juice as I did bigger quantity in the morning, so I took it for second breakfast
  • bottle with water, lemon, mint leaves and few raspberries
  • nettle tea (I will leave it in the office)
  • slices of full grain bread, avocado and tomato (I like bread with avocado as a butter on it with slices of tomato, pepper and salt. I eat it once I am hungry, or together with soup)

Few tips, which can make your lunches easier, healthier and nicer :

  • Plan in advance during the weekend at least 3 meals for the week. It will be then easier to cook something quickly, having already in mind what you want to cook, with all the ingredients prepared
  • If you cook warm dinner, cook bigger quantity. In that way you will always have something home made for lunch the next day
  • Buy a few good types of green and herbal tea and keep it in the office (green tea, white tea, nettle tea, camomile, fruit tea)
  • Buy nuts and dry fruits and also keep it with you in the office- in that way, whenever you will be hungry or craving for something sweet, you will avoid buying cookies and sweets from the snack machines
  • Bring with you a bottle with water, add some lemon, few mint leaves or few slices of fruits- you will make sure you drink enough during the day and you will not get bored with just a plain water
  • If you are spending time in the office every day, buy some useful things like spices, honey, olive oil etc. and keep it in your drawer. It will be useful once you feel like having tea with honey, a coffee with cinnamon or cardamom, veggies with olive oil and salt and pepper- you will see that in that way you will avoid buying unhealthy snacks all the time.
  • Invest in good quality lunch boxes and also if you eat at your work place quite often, like me  (we have kitchen and a cosy room for that) don’t eat on plastic plates but bring a normal plate, bowl and cutlery- it will be just nicer


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