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Morning habits: 6 tips for mindful, energetic, healthy and productive start

1 October 2015

What are your morning routines? Are you an early sun catcher? Or maybe a social media lover, spending first minutes after waking up on facebook, instagram or twitter? Many of us are also masters in pressing snooze buttons for half an hour and then being late with everything else. So if you are searching for a stressful morning-this is the perfect way.  I also suffer with some bad habits and I try to change them.  Although as you mostly know from this blog, I do not have problem with eating healthy and dedicating time to prepare it, as this is the lifestyle I have consciously chosen, but there are few things I would like to improve. I have marked so many times, that balance is a key for me, so I dedicate equal attention to my mind and soul, the same way I do for exercising and healthy eating. I have learn that including some positive, healthy and mindful routines to my morning, can change the entire day. If I start the day in a good, positive way, with enough hours of sleep, my day is simply better. As much as I want to feel balance, healthy and with energy,I also want to be more productive. My day (I guess yours as well) does not get any longer, rather  more tasks and goals to achieve. I try to develop my morning routine which will be fulfilling on a few levels: respectful to my body and health, will boost my energy and will help me to be more productive.

Below few of my  tips, simple but useful.

1.Tip for healthy sleep: Listen to your biological clock

Yes, I know, this is something not easy. But this is my goal. I actually realized that for many years I have been acting against it. I always have the “crisis” hour around 11pm, and this is the perfect time for me to go to sleep. Of course I don’t do it that often. As a result, as soon as I prolong this time, especially until midnight or later, I may need longer time to fall a sleep. The quality of sleep is simply not the same.  Observe and listen to your body- it will show you “your way”, which is perfect for you and your body. Try to make your sleeping routine, and follow it every day. I try to have 7-8 hours of sleep. My goal is to wake up earlier-so  I also need to make a habit to go to sleep earlier than midnight. After a while of following your natural rhythm, you will not need an alarm clock

2. Tip for feeling happiness: Start the day with affirmations and gratitude

Since a while, after waking up, instead of jumping on social media and internet, I start the day with positive thoughts. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I say “thank you” for the day which is starting and for  few other things which comes to my mind (it can be anything. Read here my post about positive results of practicing gratitude). It change your focus immediately into something positive and you simply change perspective. Practicing gratitude can be your key to feel more happy. I add some affirmations. If I know I have some challenges that day, I simply say loudly, I will manage whatever comes. Sometimes I make positive affirmation about things I want to achieve, travel I dream about or anything I wish. It is just perfect way to put you in the motivational mood to achieve it.

3.Tip for boosting the energy: exercise in the morning

I know, it is not always easy to find time. I know it is difficult to motivate yourself, especially if you need longer time in the morning to be alive. I also fight with laziness and lack of time. But, believe me, each time I do even 15 minutes of morning yoga, I simply feel better the entire day. Find something what you like. Jump or dance with the music, do some squats, go for a walk or practice yoga. Try to make it your habit. After exercising, make a few minutes of dry brush massage and after take a shower. You will feel so much energy for the rest of the day.

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4.Tip for nourishing your body: drink warm water and eat! And don’t say you are not a “breakfast person”

Breakfast is important and this was written so many times. And its true. Our body after 7-8 hours of sleep, needs hydration and nutrition. Prepare a cup with water the evening before, so in the morning you will just mix it with a bit of hot water and lemon juice. Continue with  nutritious breakfast: rich green smoothie or a cocktail with fruits and healthy turmeric,or warm millet with fruits, or juice and toast with avocado. Your body will really thank you for it.

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5.Tip for productivity: write a journal with your goals and tasks for the day

I work hard to improve my productivity. I want to stop loosing time for unimportant things and I fight with my procrastination. The reason is simple. I have more and more additional plans and ideas and more things I want to do. And still the same amount of time. I work full time, so I need to find the time in between. I want to be productive and in the same time I want to keep my health and balance. I started to write down the journal. It can also be a calendar. I write down all the tasks for the next day already the evening before. I mark the most important- so if accomplished, it will make me feel satisfied.  I write down tasks connected to my passions and private things, as well as tasks I need to do in the office. In the morning I revise it. Before I go to the office, usually  I do things for the blog. In the journal I also write down all the ideas that comes to my mind. I realized that often I forget about them, so it is good to write them in one place.

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Write a journal










6.Tip for feeling less stressed: prepare few things the evening before

This is something what is helping me. I am the type of person with “head in the clouds”. Searching for keys, wallet or whatever you name. I started to prepare my bag the evening before. I mean, I put everything in the bag I take with me: keys, my badge to work, my cosmetic bag for make up, which I will use in the morning, etc. Lately, I also start to prepare my cloths the evening before. Believe me, just those few little things, can save you additional 15 minutes and lots of morning stress. It is just the question of organization. I am learning it.

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My learning tool-7habits of higly effective people. Once I finish this book I will share with you some tips.

Of course, there are days I feel lazy and want to stay in bed longer. I allow myself sometimes, but I try to keep those morning habits. One may say I do not have kids, so I have more time. It is true, but if one day I will have children, I will find my way to create my morning routines adapted to new situations.  The easiest way is to make excuses. I try not to. Its not always easy but I try and the things I mentioned above works for me. I hope you will find some inspiration in it.

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  • Maria

    Hi Marta,
    thank you for this article and tips. For sure i will try some of them:) Today- “streching and flat stomach” excercises + hot water with lemon:) have a nice weekend!
    i’m waiting for more inspirations