My super natural remedies for cold,flu & sinus infections!

I would like to share with you, a few of my natural remedies which are helping to fight the infections or support you a bit in this. This time of the year quite filled with colds,infections and flu, you may find it useful. Don’t forget, though, that self-treatment should work alongside and together with professional health care. Of course, If I am just getting symptoms of cold or sinusitis, very often by reacting quickly, I stop it within 1 day, before it even develops. In case of flu, as it is virus, it will develop any way, but you can always support your body with such natural treatments, to get better a bit faster. Once I have strong symptoms I always consult the doctor. But I search for those, who will always look at me in a holistic way. I also make sure to strengthen my immunology system daily, through the healthy lifestyle: food, exercising, yoga, mindfulness meditation, positive approach, stress management and enough of sleep (this is something I need to improve on a daily level.  But I keep exceptions for a good dancing nights out ;)  I don’t look for half solutions- I try to know my body and listen to it. And this approach works. It has been  around 5 years I didn’t use any antibiotics and I barely use any pain killers. Rather than just using chemical solutions once cold hits me, I firstly use all the natural ways to fight it and support my body. Below a few examples of natural remedies, which works for me.

  • My biggest hit: wild oregano oil! To be honest, I will dedicate to it a separate post, as this  oil is  part of my first aid kit. It’s antiviral and antibacterial. This oil has been scientifically researched and proven to be one of the strongest and most effective broad spectrum antibiotics known to us: it fight infections, cold, can be helpful while fighting digestion problems, helps for sinuses infection. While searching internet, you will find many proves and reviews of this oil. I am such a prove as well. I have been using it whenever I feel any signs of infected sinuses or that I may get cold. I have it always with me while travelling. And as I travel often over weekends, and in general I take flights quite often, it is a perfect “helper” while on the road or in the sky- just in case. I take it always with me for longer travels- it helped me while travelling in Thailand, as oregano oil helps with food poisoning. It is an immune stimulant and is antiseptic . It works as strong as antibiotic or antiviral remedy. The fact that wild oregano oil can stop a cold or flu if taken at the first sign of symptoms is indicative of its amazing powers.When searching for wild oregano oil (origanum vulgare/origanum compactum), look for an organic one with the highest carvacrol content . Carvacrol is the main active ingredients in oregano oil, responsible for its antibacterial activity. You will find wild oregano oil in capsules (with olive oil base, like the one from Solgar (60% of carvacrol) or in drops (there is a big variety- look for checked sources, organic, and high in carvacrol (even around 80%)- I usually buy it in the pharmacy, tested and secure. Always use it according to the description. If I buy pure oregano oil, I take it on 1 tbs of olive oil. Always read how to doze the oil- it can differentiate as it depend on  how much essential oregano oil is used.  As it has antibacterial and antiviral activity, don’t use it when not necessary. Generally speaking this oil is safe to use, and you will be amazed how strong support it can give.

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  • Home made, hot antibiotic drink: a cup of hot water, clove of garlic (use the garlic press), 1 tea spoon of turmeric, pinch of black pepper, fresh or powdered ginger, juice from 1 lemon, 1 tbs of honey and 1/2 tea spoon of coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients and drink hot.  I wrote about turmeric here. All those ingredients together will contribute to fight the cold, as this drink act as an amazing antibiotic drink.
  • Golden turmeric milk: I share the recipe already here. This comforting, warm drink which you can drink without any limit, will help you to fight the sickness thanks to amazing health benefits of turmeric.


  • Essential oils: tea tree oil, peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus- add amazingly to fight the cold: use it for bath.
  • Home made massage oil to ease congestion and to help your breathe at night: Ingredients: 4 drops of each essential oil: eucalyptus,  pine,  peppermint, 6 tsp carrier oil (you can choose among argan, coconut, grapeseed, sesame, sweet almond, jojoba).  Mix together essential oils with your base carrier oil. Massage the back of the neck, chest, nose, forehead, soles of your feet.
  • Sinus rinse bottle– this special bottle (check more info here) together with pH balanced sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate mixture added to the box,will help you to keep your sinuses clean and it is supportive especially with sinusitis infection. It will also work if you fight allergy.


  • All type of herbal teas: linden tea with raspberries ( I use frozen raspberries, defrost them and add them to the tea) chamomile or home made ginger tea: hot water, fresh ginger, lemon juice,honey (optionally a pinch of cayenne pepper)



So, how I would proceed once I feel I am getting cold, flu  or sinus infection?

I would take a few drops of oregano oil (accordingly with dozing described on the box. I continue until the infection is over). I prepare the boiled water for inhalation with eucalyptus oil and then I make inhalation. I take a bath with sea salt and essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, tea tree). I clean the sinuses with “sinus rince” bottle. I use the nasal spray based on the essential oils (like this one ). After the  bath I use the massage oil described above. I prepare the hot antibiotic drink with garlic and turmeric. And then sleep. Usually, if I react just in the beginning (when I slightly feel that something is starting), it will help me immediately and the next day I am usually fine. Even if the cold will develop, you can repeat it all those steps next few days:  drinking the antibiotic drink 2-3 times a day, making inhalations, cleaning sinuses with the sinus rinse bottle, using the massage oil 2-3 times a day and drinking a lot of herbal or ginger tea, which I mentioned above, as well as turmeric milk. Don’t forget, though, that self-treatment should work alongside and together with professional health care- if you have fever and the symptoms keeps strong, you should always consult the doctor. The above examples are natural remedies which works for me.


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