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Review: “Ayesha” fresh mask from Lush Cosmetics

Today I wanted to recommend to you natural “Ayesha” mask from LUSH cosmetics, which needs to be kept in the fridge. It has only around 4 weeks time for use. Lush has quite a few fresh masks in offer, but for the moment I tried only this one.  Since a while I am testing some of their cosmetics. But it is important to mention one thing. Despite how good one product can be and how “natural” the company promotes itself, we should always read the composition of every product. A few good and quite natural products does not mean that all of the assortment will be good. This is how I see it with LUSH. The company promote themselves as very natural producer of cosmetics, with only natural ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, herbs and essential oils with limited amount of preservatives. The true is a bit different.  Some of their fresh products like masks, which you keep in the fridge and which has only 1 month as expiration date are worth attention. But they also have cosmetics with quite many strong chemicals, which should not be present in the natural products. I realized it already with few other “natural” companies (for example Korres), which use marketing and branding in a perfect way, but not completely in a true way. I learnt that one or two good products does not mean, you can trust the entire brand. The recommendation of this mask does not mean that I can recommend to you, all of their products. Important lesson: If you are looking for natural cosmetics, despite how naturally the company promotes itself-always read the etiquette with components.

From official description: According to the description it is a cleansing, smoothing, anti-wrinkle, tightening mask which should leave your skin radiant, relaxed and refreshed. The  ingredients includes: fullers earth,honey, elderflower & limeflower decotion, glycerin, kiwi fruit, kaolin, witch hazel extract, rose absolute, rosemary oil, patchouli oil, elderflower vinegar, bentonite gel, geraniol, limonene, linalool and perfume (this is the full ingredients list).

Fresh Asparagus and kiwi is helping to brighten the skin. Kaolin, fuller’s earth and witch hazel has a cleansing effect- it absorb the dirt and sebum, helping to  tighten the skin pores. Honey is moisturizing and natural oils like rose, rosemary and patchouli are nourishing the skin.


My impression: I really liked it. I used it around 5 times during the 4 weeks and each time it was a pleasant ritual. Knowing that the mask has no strong chemicals already gives you a nice feeling. It has not a completely smooth texture, so you feel like all fresh ingredients had been just blended. My skin (which is quite problematic) was left fresh, clean and  smooth. It gives a glowing effect.  I have read other opinions that the smell of this mask is not the best one. But in my opinion, it is  Ok. Maybe because I am using less and less cosmetics with strong, artificial fragrances, so I am used to more herbal and natural smells of the cosmetics. Any way, the smell of this mask was not at all problematic for me. I will definitely buy this mask again and I have the feeling, it will stay with me for longer. I am also tempted to try other LUSH masks, which includes chocolate mask, coffee or fruits masks.

Once you buy it in the LUSH shop, you should check the date of when it was made- accordingly you will have 4 weeks from the production date to use it. You have to keep it in the fridge.  It is not tested on animals.



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