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Strawberry coconut love!

As the season is not yet finished, I take every opportunity to eat as much as possible of fresh, local strawberries. I love them, but who doesn’t? The strawberry coconut smoothie, prepared based on  traditional recipe of a strawberry cocktail, yet with a  touch of home made coconut milk (I linked the recipe for you) instead of yoghurt. Daily for my cocktails I use plant based milks and some limited amount of kefir and Greek yoghurt. And this version with coconut milk, it taste simply delicious.
strawberry coconut milk

strawberry coconut smoothie

What you need:

  • packed cup of strawberries
  • cup of home made coconut milk
  • 3 big dates
  • 1 spoon of flex seeds
strawberry coconut smoothie

strawberry coconut smoothie

Blend it until smooth and enjoy! The dates will give a bit more sweetness to the cocktail. I use the big one, as they are very smooth, delicate and simply delicious.

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