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  • Breakfasts Smoothies

    Strawberry-coconut-avocado smoothie!

    Combination of strawberry-avocado in a smoothie is a perfect healthy treat for me! Catch the last opportunity which the strawberry season has to offer. At least in Europe, the main strawberry season is June…

    30 June 2016
  • Breakfasts Desserts Plate

    Chia pudding with strawberry mousse

    Summer in Brussels, next days over 30 degrees. Yuhhuuu!! And if you are looking for inspiration for light, delicious and summery breakfast, snack or dessert- chia pudding with strawberry mousse is the one!!!It can…

    1 July 2015
  • Breakfasts Plate Smoothies

    Strawberry coconut love!

    As the season is not yet finished, I take every opportunity to eat as much as possible of fresh, local strawberries. I love them, but who doesn’t? The strawberry coconut smoothie, prepared based on …

    23 June 2015