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No diet. No counting calories. Just a choice. A lifestyle.

For some of you what I wrote in the title may be controversial. I know, in certain situations, there is need to count calories and diet, where there are just too many kilograms. And that’s perfectly OK. Very often people are asking me about “my diet”. Then I usually have to disappoint them. I have never been on a diet, I was never “hungry”(having in mind I never had to stop myself from eating), and I never had to suffer because of food. I had suffered other things, until I found that balance and equality between the body and mind is crucial, but this I keep for another post. One could say I am lucky but the reality is that there is no  miracle solution.  There is a choice I made.

Lately, I was asking myself, what  really made me choose a healthy lifestyle. But this has happened naturally. Step by step, over the years, until today.  I cannot imagine living differently. My healthy lifestyle journey started a long time ago, thanks to my mum, who was cooking healthy. She experimented with new ingredients, served every day a healthy soup, salads and apples (remember? an apple a day, keeps the doctor away), and taught me to always eat healthy breakfasts.  I still remember at the age of 10 following my mum at giving up sweetening tea. Or first green tea, which suddenly appeared in Poland. Since my mum passed away few years ago, I realized only now, how much I owe her for the healthy choices I make now.  But it is still a choice, that I make every day. Of course, I had in life moments when I would be less careful with what I eat. Cooking healthy with fresh ingredients, changing some habits step by step, over the years, dancing for over 10 years, adding sport to my daily routine, made me feel I never had to be on any “diet”. I don’t even like  this word, as it immediately brings certain connotation to stress. I fell in love with healthy lifestyle,  and that’s my secret to why it is easier now.  With years, my consciousness has changed and my priorities as well. It is not only about being “fit” any more. Now, one of the priorities in my life is to be healthy, physically and mentally. I was given the body, and I don’t take it anymore for granted. By healthy lifestyle I show respect to myself and gratefulness for life.

Let me ask you a few questions: Do you clean your apartment? Do you take care of where you live, carefully choosing the furniture? Then, see your body as such an apartment, a temple, which is giving you home. And you want this home to be functional and beautiful for many years. Once you see it that way, the choices you make about what and how to eat, will be easier.

A few recommendations I can give to those of you, who want to start changing your lifestyle into a healthy one:

  • Make health your priority, a commitment- once you see it that way, the healthy choices you will make will come more naturally.
  • If choosing such lifestyle is still a challenge for you, start with small and simple changes. If you have too much sugar and processed food, don’t give up everything at once (unless you are “goals oriented”type and you never give up too early. Otherwise it will create frustration and feeling that you are on a strict diet). The chances you will stick to it are smaller. Take it step by step. Give up sugar, and only once it becomes a habit, start with another change, and another. Within a year, you will see how many healthy choices will become natural for you- a lifestyle, not a diet.
  • If you want to learn a new language, you practice it. Do the same with healthy choices.
  • Fall in love with fresh “whole”food offered by the nature: fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, wholegrain products, etc. Experiment; see them as something colourful and beautiful. Be grateful you can actually eat such fresh goodies. Have fun and joy with it. Start cooking and preparing your own food. Are you craving for something sweet? Instead of buying yet another product full of artificial substances which harms your body, prepare it by yourself. Use whole food and fresh ingredients, naturally sweet fruits and nuts. Try this and I bet you will love it!
  • Follow people on social media or blogs to find healthy and tasty recipes, like here on my blog. Suddenly you will discover a whole new world and prove that healthy food, can be actually so delicious and easy to make.
  • If you combine healthy food, fresh, unprocessed ingredients with physical activities which you love, it is most probable, you will not have to focus on calories any more
  • Healthy life style hasn’t one body size or image. But healthy life style is definitely a sign of a self respect! Take care of your body and mind in a respectful way. Healthy food is just a start into a whole world of balanced, fulfilled and clean living. So remember, that a healthy lifestyle, it is not only about food but also about being physically active and having a healthy mind. But don’t worry, not too may changes at once. Mind and physical activities, we keep for another post :)

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