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Gain time with people, not weight! Tips for healthier Christmas!

Oh, I love this time of the year. Living abroad far from family and closest friends, make me wait for all the meetings and festive atmosphere and spending time with the loved ones.  I guess, there is no doubt, most of us really enjoy Christmas period. But we also all know, that very often whole Christmas run around food, food and buzz. And even more food and buzz :) If like me, you like healthy lifestyle, you may also look for some tips that will help you to go through this period with a light indulge, but not over indulge. My main goal lately is mindfulness. So, also over this period, I don’t want to focus just over food. I don’t want to feel tired and heavy after all the meetings. I want to focus over people, give them my attention, talk with family members, friends, listen to them and give them my time and love.

Below a few useful tips:

  • Start the day with warm water and lemon (you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper)
  • Continue with drinking water over the whole day- 30% more than usual. Drink water in between the meals but don’t drink during the meals.
  • Keep the breakfast healthy. Usually over Christmas period we forget about fruits and veggies. Try not to forget about raw food. I’m gonna start the day with fruit-veggies cocktails, so I will have a proper fruit and veggies intake already from the start ( add avocado, spinach, green celery, flax seeds, coconut oil, nuts,etc). Starting your meals with raw food will give vitamins and minerals, plus fats and carbohydrates to fuel your brain. It will make it less likely you’ll overeat with the first festive meal together with your family.
  • Resign from heavy and artificial sauces
  • Sensible snacking. Snack more during the day- but with healthy options: oranges, clementines, apples, nuts, seeds. You will avoid over eating during meals.
  • Mindful eating: rather than mindlessly popping whatever is in front of you in your mouth, try to focus and spend a moment thinking about whether you really want it. Maybe you are just eating it because it’s there.
  • Celebrate the taste and indulge only in the most special Christmas treats- don’t jump on the store-bought, ready cookies or sweets full of bad fats. Save  calories for homemade treats, that are special to you and which you don’t eat often. Don’t jump on a garbage food- but choose the special one. Also, don’t stress and completely stop yourself from festivity- your willpower will collapse, and you’ll end up overeating. By keeping mindful, you will celebrate and enjoy. Slowly and with pleasure
  • Move- if you can not keep with your usual training habits, at least go for a longer walk every day. After the meal, invite your family for a walk. Rather than just sitting whole day behind the table- choose fresh air and time outside. It will make you feel better.
  • Prepare some healthier options of desserts- maybe gluten free cakes or chia pudding instead of other heavy desserts?

Tips for more mindful Christmas:

  • Focus on people. Give them your attention and time. Ask questions and listen. Reconnect with the loved ones.
  • Wake up a child inside you- sign carols, wait for the first star on the sky on Christmas Eve (I used to do it during my whole childhood), open the presents with huge curiosity and have fun with it. In my family, we are always laughing as with my cousin we are still waiting the entire meal to open the presents. Watch the kids how they react, they are natural in this
  • Even if we connect Christmas period with certain food and generally a lot of focus is on food-change the direction. Focus on fun with people rather then meals.
  • Give wishes a bit differently this year. Rather than just repeating all: health, prosperity, happiness- tell your beloved ones what are you grateful for because of them. The gratitude has extreme positive power. I wrote about it here.
  • Christmas is a positive time- we don’t need to be serious. Maybe dance? At least I am planning to do so.
  • Don’t focus on not so important things- on food, on everything looking perfect, on stressing too much on all the preparations- it will kill the Christmas spirit!

Taking this opportunity, I wish you a beautiful, mindful Christmas time. Filled with beautiful moments with your loved ones.  Let it be slow, warm and cosy. Gain love, not weight during this time :)


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