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My weekend ritual with yoga

What are your weekend’s habits or rituals? Are you keeping some spare time for the things you love? Or maybe for things you don’t have time during the week?

I try to practice yoga as much as I can, I do it regularly. But although I do go to yoga studios during the week, but usually just after the practice, I run directly to the office (if it is a morning yoga) or home or other meetings, if it is already an evening.

During the week, I do not have time to take it slower. Already a 1,5 h of yoga is a piece for my mind, a break, and something what keeps my body and mind healthy. Such 1,5 h is already something what I appreciate a lot! But after practice I usually need to comeback to usual activities: office, home, duties, meetings and private life. That’s why during the weekend,whenever I can, I make it a bit longer ritual and  full package for 2-3 h, something what I call  “I love me time”. After yoga, I will go and explore a bit the neighborhood, take time for a good tea, smoothie or coffee and indulge myself with some delicious food and inspiring chat with a friend.   Such a “healthy package” can definitely turn the course of our day into something very positive and give us more motivation for things we need to do.

This weekend I went for an intensive detox flow yoga- with detoxifying poses such as twists, forward folds and back bands that stimulates the cleansing of internal organs. In flow yoga, you go from asana (pose) to asana together with the breath. The movements are coordinated with the breathing and you are flowing through them. Detox flow focus on lots of twists. Sometimes, they are so challenging that you barely can keep the balance of the body. Of course you master it through practice. But exactly in such poses, you are able to “touch” your internal organs, to “squeeze” them, to move them and to make them active. Usually we sit on the front of the computer at least 8 h a day. Our organs are lacking any move. Certain  asanas allows you actually to go so deep and to “work out” (if I can call it like this) your internal organs. This is very important for our health, and it is actually part of yoga healing effect. But as this requires a set of separate posts, I will comeback to this topic.

On Sunday I went for a 1,5 h of hatha yoga, which has more traditional approach to the system of practicing asanas (poses). In hatha you hold the poses for longer time, so you are able to know your body better, you build the strength and learn how to do the asanas correctly.

Both classes were extremely challenging and I can tell you, I feel every muscle of  my body. Sometimes I laugh, when people who never tried yoga says that yoga is too quiet and boring. They usually change their mind, after they try.

I do not have many photos from the practice, but you can enjoy a few of them, which were made in the newly opened studio Yoga Room Brussels, and in the eco cafe near by, Hinterland, where we enjoyed a delicious carrot- orange soup. I really like this cosy cafe, with some organic lunch options, delicious & organic coffee, home made ice-teas,and amazing deserts! Intensive yoga and time in Hinterland with lunch and interesting conversation- a perfect healthy package.



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