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Girly stuff: Why yoga is a women’s lifetime friend?

If you are a woman, this post is especially for you. So take your coffee or green smoothie and while relaxing, read why you should consider yoga as your lifelong friend! There are many practical reasons for it. If you are a man, stay, read it and after show it to your woman, girlfriends, mother and all the women you know. As a woman, yoga teacher and wellness coach, who every day experience so much good from yoga I want to dedicate this post to all women and encourage them to regular practice.

I truly believe and often repeat that yoga is absolutely for everybody with no exception, with no age, nor gender limits. But today, I mark the compatibility of yoga and woman’s health, body & life’s cycles. My little tribute from woman to women.

Women’s roles today and all the demands  coming out of it. I can name a few. Being successful, no matter what a success means to us (as each of us can have own definition). Playing active role professionally while being at the center of the family. A mother, a friend,a wife,a partner. A businesswomen. Multitasking specialist. Trying to be fit, healthy and beautiful. I bet you would find quite a few more roles or demands to add. No complains here. We can be free to choose and free to live the life we want. But together with these roles and freedom, we got also more stress, expectations and pressure. That’s why I believe yoga can be the best lifelong friend for all women.

Yoga and the whole yoga system dedicated to balance between body, mind and soul, can accompany girls and women with all the main changes and cycles in their life. It can act as the best “smoother” in difficult time and tranquilizer in the most stressful moments. Can beautifully accompany a girl changing into a women, a women being at the top of her womanhood & motherhood. Yoga will help to face the changes coming with the menopause and going through the aging process gracefully while keeping the health and using potential of the body.

From girly stuff to a woman- this important time of life can influence the entire adulthood. Not only the girl face all the stress from changes of her body, she face as well the change of her mind. All can happen suddenly and unexpected. If a girl is not prepared for it by mother or some other woman in her family, it can cause quite enormous stress and make young girl feel lonely and vulnerable. It’s the time when the girl should learn to accept herself as well as the fact that the changes with her body are inevitable, normal and will continue through all her life. Although the important role here to play is for parents, yoga can be a supportive tool. Learning  basic meditation, deep breathing (pranayama) and practicing asanas will support the young women:

  • it will build the muscular strength
  • will help to avoid obesity
  • will support regulation of  menstrual cycle
  • will be the starting point of discovering the connection to the body
  • will provide the balance much needed in the time of changes
  • at this time it will also help to build healthy habits for body and mind

100 % of womanhood- at this time woman become more aware of her self as well as of her body. It is important to keep the healthy habits or start them now. This includes balanced eating, as well as physical activity which should become part of the daily routine.  It is important to dedicate the time for self development- create mindful way of living, being aware of emotions ( self destructive thoughts versus positive and supportive thinking). At this time of life yoga will support women in the areas which are important for her:

  • self awareness
  • sexuality: yoga  helps to improve sexual life,on physical and emotional level
  • body strength
  • stress management
  • building healthy relationship with her body

Practicing yoga will support the internal organs- as during practice of asanas we are mobilizing all the internal organs for better functioning:

  • detoxifying poses such as twists, forward folds and back bands stimulates the cleansing of internal organs. Aging include aging of internal organs. Practicing yoga helps us to slower the ageing process of entire body. With yoga we are able to support the body in well functioning.

Another important area where yoga will support women is conception and motherhood. Yoga can support all women planning to become mothers:

  • will maximize the physical and mental health
  • will improve reproductive health and chances of conception
  • during pregnancy will help the body to cope with new demands
  • will prepare the body for labor
  • will help to improve sexual life,on physical and emotional level

Menopause – this is the transitional time for a woman. Again, woman faces a lot of challenges  during this time: hormonal changes, difficulties to keep the body balance and weight, crisis of the femininity and health issues which are coming with ageing.

At this time yoga will have a healing effect especially in those areas:

  • will help to regulate the hormonal system and will help to avoid complications and illness connected to it, like thyroid or weight gain
  • regular practice will support the health of the bones
  • will support the digestive system
  • will  calm the mind especially while going through quite a lot of changes in the body. 

Yoga will help not only smoothly go through the changes, but will help to enjoy those years being healthy and active. Will help to keep the body strong and healthy, and mind calm and balanced.

Golden age– as every other part of life, this time has its own challenges.  While ageing process is inevitable and women will face many limitations, yoga again can support this time in many different ways. It will be more about keeping the general balance and flexibility in order to face everything what comes within the ageing process:

  • flexibility without forcing the body into complex and difficult asanas
  • keeping the breathing deep what will help to provide oxygen to all the internal organs
  • focusing on relaxations
  • yoga will help to keep internal organ active: better circulation, better digestion and going through all the limitations smoother.

Yoga at this age will help to keep the harmony between body and mind. Will teach the women that even while going through certain limitations, she can still enjoy her life.

As you see, yoga can be an amazing supporter to women and accompany her through all the cycles and challenges she may face within it. I hope those of you who never practice yoga, will give it a try!If you find it useful,please share it further! I would be most than happy if you would share with me your experiences and opinions in the comments! Lets discuss girly stuff!

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