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You make me coco: 3 cosmetics you can replace with coconut oil

Some time ago, I have started a series which I called “You make me coco”( more you can read here and here ). It means that under this title you will always find something useful about the coconut oil. There is much more than just 3 cosmetics which can be replaced with coconut oil,  but I will share with you 3 of my favorites. In the future, I will give you more examples.

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I love those moments of time for myself. A friend calls it a“Love me” time. I like this expression so much, that I think I will start to use it as well.  Home SPA rituals, even simple, can put you on a very relaxing state of mind. Something like 30 min. for natural treatments, massage of your skin, essential oils scents- and you can feel like in another dimension. A relaxed dimension. This is why I try to find some little time for a “Love me” moments. Warm bath, massaging a skin with natural oils, mask, scrub or whatever you feels like. Adding a nice music and some candles, and you create your Home Spa rituals.

Coconut Oil, among many different ways of using it, is a natural cosmetic, which will suits perfectly your Home SPA rituals. It nourish the skin, hydrate, has antibacterial function, and perfectly replace some of the cosmetics.

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Here you find 3 of my favorites:

Body moisturizer
I stopped using completely chemical body balms. I search for natural body butters or lotions,with no harmful chemicals. I use “ready” (natural) body lotions when I run out of time and can’t wait for the oil to absorb. Otherwise on a daily basis I use coconut oil on my body. I always prepare 2 glass bottles of 100 ml, with coconut oil mixed with different essential oils. For a 100 ml bottle I add a few drops of essential oil. For the evening, I mix coconut oil with few drops of lavender essential oil. It has a relaxation effect- perfect before  sleeping time.


For the morning I mix coconut oil with few drops of more vigorous and energetic scent. One of my favorite is citronella essential oil (lemon grass-“cymbopogon nardus”). Citronella essential oil has anti depression effect, vibrant- perfect to start the day.

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Additionally, virgin coconut oil can speed up wound healing, increase hydration and reduce water loss in very dry skin. The coconut oil leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth. Applying it with your favorite scent, can be a very pleasant ritual.

Eye makeup remover
Coconut oil works perfectly as eye makeup remover, also on waterproof mascara! I take a few drops on the top of my fingers and clean it directly with my fingers. But you can also put a few drops on the cotton pad and gently sweep it over your eyes.. The oil remove the eye make up perfectly and in a gentle way, leaving the delicate eye area hydrated. After it, just wash your face as usual.

Hair conditioner/ hydration mask
Time to time I use coconut oils as a deep conditioner for my hair. I leave the coconut oil over the night (I apply it onto the dry hair) and wash my hair the next morning with a gentle shampoo. You just have to be careful with your pillow (you can use the towel over the pillow, or keep extra pillow sheet for such use). Actually many conditioners contain coconut oil as it deeply penetrates the hair.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI hope you can try it as well and you will like it as much as I do! Remember that coconut oil change its structure depending on the temperature. It liquidize when its warmer and become solid if its colder. If I keep it in the bottle and want it liquid,  I take the bottle under the shower and with warm water temperature it become liquid again.


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