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You make me coco: oil pulling

The reactions once I mention oil pulling are different. Those who know it, confirm its benefits. Those who have heard about it, usually are asking for even more information. But sometimes, I will hear “what? Oil pulling? How come?”. The roots of oil pulling are in the Ayurvedic medicine. The first time I tried it was when I was 14-15 years old. My mum found information about it in some books, as there was no internet at that time. She told me to try it. Each day I realize how many things I tried thanks to her. Sometimes I am even surprise, that without internet she was always coming with some new, healthy solutions or remedies, which she would find in the books.

As I was suffering with skin problems (acne), she tried to help me naturally testing different solutions, from body cleaning, detoxification, healthy eating, as well as oil pulling. Since then I was coming back to oil pulling on and off. Nevertheless I did not keep it for long enough, to actually make it a real habit. It is since last year only, that I included it as part of my morning routine, and it actually became my habit. Now it is not any more difficult to keep it up every day.

The first thing I would like to mention is that the oil pulling is not a  replacement for normal oral hygiene: teeth brushing and flossing. It is complementary  your daily oral hygiene. Although other oils as sesame and sun flower oil works completely well, it is a coconut oil who has much more antibacterial benefits. It is rich in medium chain triglycerides and high in lauric acid. Coconut oil with its naturally antibacterial properties bind to  plaque on the teeth and reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. One of them is Streptococcus Mutans, widely present in the mouth, with its role in plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum diseases.

According to Dr. Bruce Fife:

“The oil acts like a cleanser. When you put it in your mouth and work it around your teeth and gums it “pulls” out bacteria and other debris. It acts much like the oil you put in your car engine. The oil picks up dirt and grime. When you drain the oil, it pulls out the dirt and grime with it, leaving the engine relatively clean. Consequently, the engine runs smoother and lasts longer. Likewise, when we expel harmful substances from our bodies our health is improved and we run smoother and last longer.”

To put it very simple, our mouths are home for thousands of bacteria, viruses, fungi together with the toxins. Oil pulling has a detoxifying effect as we collect those bacteria with oil from the mouth.  As stated in the article on oil pulling by Dr Bruce Fife:

“Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in our mouths. It is these types of germs and their toxic waste products that cause gum disease and tooth decay and contribute to many other health problems including arthritis and heart disease. Our immune system is constantly fighting these troublemakers. If our immune system becomes overloaded or burdened by excessive stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and such, these organisms can spread throughout the body causing secondary infections and chronic inflammation, leading to any number of health problems.”

How to pull the oil:

The best is to do this as first thing in the morning.
Put 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil into the mouth.Swish for 10-20 minutes. You can start with 10 and gradually, once you get used to it, go up to 20. Timing is actually a key. Around 20 minutes its enough to break through plaque and bacteria, but not long enough for body to re-absorb all the toxins and bacteria. Although it seems long time, you can pull the oil while showering and preparing your breakfast. Swish it around, “push” and “pull” the oil between the teeth. Do it without the force. If it cause pain in your facial muscle, than do it in more relax way and next time use less oil. Find your way. After a while it become completely unproblematic habit with lots of benefits. You will realize that the time goes quickly, once you are busy with other things.Do not swallow the oil!!!! Spit it onto the trash. Rinse well with warm water and after brush you teeth as normal.


  • teeth whitening
  • cavity prevention
  • better, fresher breath
  • healing gums and other oral infections
  • helping to keep sinuses out of bacteria, overall health benefits for those fighting chronic sinuses problems (I am one of those person and I this effect)
  • stronger teeth and gums
  • detoxifying effect- cleaning mouth from lots of bacteria, fungi and toxins improves generally our immunology

From my personal experience, as a person who was fighting for years with chronic sinus problems I can confirm the positive effects. With other prevention treatment (cleaning sinuses with salty water, keeping my immunology in a good state with proper sleep, healthy diet, yoga and sports) I lately manage to prevent my sinuses from constant infection. I also see very positive effect on the teeth and gums which are kept healthy and without any infections.

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