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I have visited my home country, Poland, 2 weeks ago, and I decided to make a little health propaganda around my family. I wanted to invite different family members, from very little one, up to my dad who is 66 years old, to try some healthy alternatives. I thought it is important from many points of view. The main one is that health has no age, no body image, not one similar and perfect look. My goal is to inspire others for healthy lifestyle despite the age, the weight, the look or any limitations one can have. This blog has its purpose. I have always in mind that my mission is to share a broader view on health: a balance, a conscious lifestyle with a self, body and mind respect. Even being fit, has a broader context for me. My definition of fit, means fit mind and body. If you exercise one, you can not forget about the other. I thought, I need to also involve my family in it. I must say we speak a lot about health, changing the habits and healthier options. I take the opportunity to share my knowledge and invite my closest people to try new things. I also share with them my experiences with changes I did, from psychological point of view. I am not afraid or shame to stand behind my progress, who I am and what’s important for me.

If we would consider all the beauty and health magazines, TV advertisements, or any posters inviting us for the gym center for exercising and healthy lifestyle, we could got mistaken. We could think that we are living in a very young, perfect society, where everybody are just glowing from healthiness inside out. How far it is from the true, we all know. I sometimes think that older people, or anybody who may feel out of this “beautiful” picture, may feel excluded. They may end up thinking that they can not do much anymore. But it is far from the true. I think each of us can have a role for a “health propaganda”. Maybe you already started your path towards healthiness and you can share it with your family? Maybe you still look for an inspiration and it would be easier to invite somebody to join you? No matter what reason you may have, or in which moment you are, I think it is important to share this experience together, spread the good word for a good purpose and get fit, active and healthy with our loved ones.

DSC07833Coming back to health propaganda, I have prepared my tasty green monster, made out of pineapple, spinach and few other great ingredients (recipe you can find here) and invited my family to taste it. It was approved by all of them and they actually liked it. I have prepared a few other alternatives for a healthy breakfast, like millet with banana. Moreover I invited them to run and exercise together. We had fun. I was happy to see little members of a familly to join. The kids are observing and learning from us, so it is important to give a proper example. They are on the way to for they life long habits.

From changing the approach towards the body, we start to change also our mind. I love one of the quotes from yoga guru BKS Iyengar, who brought yoga to the west:

“Penetration of our mind is our goal, but in the beginning to set things in motion, there is no substitute for sweat”.

A few things you can do straight away:

  • If you are already changing your habits into healthy one, invite your loved ones to share it with you
  • If you search for motivation to start, ask a friend, a spouse, a family member to join you in a new path. You will find an extra source to motivate each other
  • Share some articles and interesting facts about health and well-being. Discuss and exchange point of views. This is how it sometimes starts. Open your eyes for new things
  • Cook together. Have joy in it. Try new taste. Try recipes which will show that helathy options are actually delicious.
  • Organize a “health day” among friends or family members. Summer is on its way, organize a healthy picnic, run, walk or exercise in the park. In the group is easier to find the motivation. Be the source of motivation yourself.

There is no half way. We need to exercise, we need to take care of the body, we need to sweat, eat healthy and take care of the mind. Point.

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